Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh, and by the way...


A FREE CHRISTMAS SONG (from Untitled Blue)!!

New Mad Atlantic???


So, I'm working on music for two different things right now. One is Untitled Blue and our rock opera. Info for that can be found here, but there's not much for now.

I'm also working on new Mad Atlantic stuff, but I'm not posting anything as of yet. I can tell you that it will blend the hard rock sound that I usually go for with the more experimental things in a more conventional package. A little grunge, a little punk, and a little dance. Throw it in a blender...

I'm hoping to print some CD's for the first time ever, and possibly play live as well. I haven't decided, but it's a remote possibility.

I will update again when there is more to say. For now, KveĆ°ja!

Kaelin Bougneit