Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spectrum Liner Notes


Over the course of just a couple days, I've gotten a few posts from people I don't know. This is huge! Thank you all so much!

Machinelf commented about Jason Pierce's efforts in the bands Spectrum (I didn't know they existed) and Spaceman 3 (knew about this one). His current band, Spiritualized has actually been a huge influence for me. Spiritualized is one of the few bands making real neo-psychedelic music out there. It's like a cross between Pink Floyd, a symphonic orchestra, a Moog on LSD, and your craziest (but loveliest) dreams...Yeah, that explaination ought to do it.

Anyway, I wrote up some liner notes for Spectrum which might help enlighten you on the album:

"A book can be written to fill a physical length of time, from an hour, to a few hundred hours. A poem may only take you ten seconds to read.

But books, novels, short stories, poems, haikus, and articles all fill up just more than physical time. They fill mental time. A short story may describe a scene; a moment frozen in time. Yet to read of this instantaneous event, it may take you nearly an hour to finish. A short story of the same length may describe the creation of the universe (a time not short of multiple billions of years) and yet it's silly to think that it would take that long to read. The difference between mental and physical time in enormous.

Brilliant songwriters can craft a five minute piece into a meandering and enticing story. Most songwriters latch onto abstract ideas, thoughts, and emotion and describe them in song. But, the fewest number of songwriters try to describe a moment frozen in time; a piece of time taking no space at all; taking what is unmoving, and making it flow.

I am trying to do this, but without the aid of words.

I may have used the names of colors to name these tracks, but that is merely for identification.

Each song is individual to you. It should describe a moment in time for you. Whatever you think of, these are your songs. If you think of nothing, well, at least it was a pretty tune."

Mad Atlantic

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  1. Very nice breakdown of the idea of parallel timestreams and their relation to art. Just to clarify my previous comment: Sonic Boom (real name Peter Kember) was the other half of Spacemen 3 along with Jason Pierce (J. Spaceman). It was Kember who went on to form Spectrum (among other projects), while Jason kept on with Spiritualized. I was just telling a friend the other day that we seem to be in a current musical space now where real psychedelic elements are becoming popular again. I see these in the current music of Flaming Lips, Radiohead, and countless others. Of course, it's a type of music that has always been alive if you knew where to look. Glad to see it thriving in your music!