Friday, October 9, 2009

Just for Kicks: Pink Floyd: Gods of Rock

Well, not everyone crowns them as such, but I do.

And so does my friend Mike. We are, admittedly, Pink Floyd geeks. In every sense of the word.

So, what does a bored sixteen-year-old Pink Floyd geek and his friend do when there's nothing else to keep them busy (except for homework, but that takes the passenger's seat)? They start a Pink Floyd tribute band named after a title or lyric of one of the band's songs.

So, inevitably, just for kicks we are starting Interstellar Overdrive: one of the various Pink Floyd Tribute bands. What does this accomplish, you ask? Well, it's good experience and good fun. In the words of David Gilmour: "It's all very English."

So, while our search for members has already started, I can say that it is going fairly well. With the pianist, guitarist, and lead vocalists down, we are just looking for the others. I'll keep you updated on how it all goes.

I can't guarantee that anything will come of this, but if it does, that would be fantastic!

So, here's an MP3 relating in no way to Pink Floyd, and also relating very little to Mad Atlantic. I, Kaelin Bougneit, am the studio engineer for this piece; my first ever time producing/mixing for anyone other than myself (I also designed the album art)! It is the title track of the EP Fresh by my friends Dave and Max. They called themselves Fresh. So, it's defining in many ways...

(This one had to be hosted on a different site. Sorry...)


Mad Atlantic


  1. Where is the link?

  2. It's underneath the banner ad. About the middle of the page. Says "download this file". Just click it and wait for the link to appear.