Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just for Kicks: Radiohead + Mad Atlantic (= a great combination!)


Anyone who's joined my fan list will see that my new single "Absolute Silence" is coming in October. The 13th to be exact. It may be online before or after that, but that's the official date.

The band Radiohead has gotten a lot of coverage since it started the year I was born: 1993. But Radiohead is also a band that means a lot to a bunch of people: die-hards like me! To musicians Radiohead has been essential in the past, but new marketing techniques (such as giving away their new album) have paid off more than conventional ones, causing musicians to (again) rethink the industry.

Recently, I decided to offer people the chance to listen to my album for free a month before it came out. Though I had absolutely 0 fans, I was determined to try something new.

So this time, I will again.

I have quite a master plan for my next release, but I need everyone's help before it even gets off the ground.

I currently only have a few fans: all of you are family and friends (if not let me know by commenting below). What I need everyone to do is spread the word! Please, talk to people. Tell them about the album. Give them a link to the website. Post it on Facebook or Twitter. Whatever you can do and I will keep giving back to my fans. I understand what it's like to be a fan of someone's music, and wishing you knew more. I am always willing to do that. I will read through every word of advice you guys send to me. I will soak up criticism in the best way possible. But, I need people to fuel it.

Please just shout it out to the world: "I LOVE MAD ATLANTIC!!!" Or just blog about it; that's good too!

So, speaking of Radiohead, here's a cover of a famous song of theirs, originally performed by a computer voice on a Mac.

Mad Atlantic

Fitter Happier

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