Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just Wait...


I said a lot didn't I?

I just want to tell everyone that Life in Stone won't be released until at least this time next year. I can promise a new single sometime before the album, but that's it.

Mad Atlantic

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A word from Kaelin Bougneit

Apparently, of the six people visiting my blog (three of which were probably me), "Sir William" is the most popular song. I'd have to agree (I voted for it).

Anyways, maybe I should stop kidding myself and just post when I have something real to say.

But, as it is, I don't have that much time anyways. Time is an essential part of being. And being is an essential part of life. And life (or death) is what music is about.

I may not have any fans, but that won't stop me from making music. It's my life, my obsession. And the one thing everyone should know about obsessions is that they cannot be stopped. The case is the same with me.

With every waking moment I feel like I am being drawn further away from that. Maybe it's a good thing for a while. With everything happening in the world, I cannot help but feel pressed; my time on earth is limited. War, death, ignorance, cruelty, and injustice are inevitable, but in the midst of all this is life. Without life charity, kindness, graciousness, and even revolution would never happen.

And yet, no matter what, the world will continue to spin, until powers greater than our own (respectfully, whatever that means to you) cease it.

I must ask: what does it matter to you? What does music matter to you? To anyone? To the world? What does art matter? Design? Creativity? Is it illusion? Does art make us pretend that we are somewhere else? Does it give us false hope? False premonitions? Does it give us security? Is it a drug? Does it help us escape the horrors we hear of every day?

Yes...and no. It is what you make of it.

An artist can put in years of labor over a single statue, painting, etc. and still be criticized for his work. He can be put down for what he does; chastised for his faults. But to him the work may be perfect.

"Delusions of Grandure" are what we all strive for, but few people reach them. They are not goals, but illusions. A goal is a spark of electricity in the neurons in your brain: intangible...illusion. We all suffer from delusions, and the ones who reach them are often the ones who realize how much they miss their old life.

An artist who reaches his delusions is often unsatisfied with his work, but often, he is praised for its "subtle perfection."

Others have made of it what they will.

And no matter what you hear about anything, don't let anyone jump to conclusions for you. Everyone knows that we all can do that ourselves.

Believe what you want to.

Think outside the box.

I'm writing today not as Mad Atlantic, but as Kaelin Bougneit, the kid (yes, even I'll admit that) behind Mad Atlantic. Mad Atlantic is a project; it's a work not meant for just one idea. Mad Atlantic is shape-shifting. Until I find other members, I am the one who controls that. What I write here today is bigger than that. It is all-encompassing.

Yes, this article may be audacious or even contemptious, but you have the power to make of it what you will.

Thank you for your eyes and (hopefully) ears. There's a bigger message behind the music.

Kaelin Bougneit