Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Note About "Sir William"

I've had some people ask me where I got the idea for Sir William from.

The answer is: Sir William is a metaphor for the popular media. He stands for how the popular media twists things that might not be great into something "spectacular" and "must-see." Sir William is a "hero" to the brainwashing media. As heard in all the newscasts during the song, Sir William is "amazing" and there isn't "anything like him." Then, all the "people who aren't like me and you" in the second chorus, all the stalkers and creeps, kill him. And just like that, the media will go out and find another "Sir William" the very next day.

Also, the song has kind of an error in it. If you listen during the second, slow part of the song, the vocals seem to duplicate themselves. That was accidental, but it sounded okay, so I kept it in.

Well, have a great weekend, and stay out of the rain.

Mad Atlantic

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  1. This is an AWESOME song - I LOVED IT!!! Looking forward to hearing more!