Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Album Reviews: Cloud Cult - Feel Good Ghosts and Jim Noir - Jim Noir

Both of these albums came out in 2008, but they took a while for me to fully appreciate.
Craig Minowa, Cloud Cult's singer/songwriter suffered the loss of his son in 2002, writing over 100 songs to deal with the loss. Feel Good Ghosts marks a return in his spiritual and mental health, so much so that the album made me cry over a dozen times. So much passion went into making it. Every song tells a story.
Jim Noir is most likely the most creative songwriter in history. His music is fun and ingenious in every way. His arsenal of old 60's Moog synthesizers brings out a depth which the music industry hasn't seen for 40 years. His music goes beyond pop songs and into the realm of some of the most creative, catchy, and undeniably amazing music in the world.
My suggestion is to buy them both without hesitation. Period. If I could, I would give them both a six out of five stars. I wasn't disappointed and neither was anyone else who I've showed these to.

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