Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Legacy Remix Contest

I'd like to announce something special.

Soon I will be releasing all of the different multi-track stems of "My Legacy" for remixing. They will be posted as High and Low quality WAV files and MP3's. Whomever can make the best remix of "My Legacy" will earn a spot to get their song sold on the upcoming EP that will be released this summer.

Remember, though, that "My Legacy" is an officially copyrighted song. Any adaptations are property of Mad Atlantic Records. All credit on these adaptions, though, will go to the remixer. If you'd like some practice remixing, Nine Inch Nails has an ongoing remix contest of all of their new songs.

A good way to remix is to use programs recommended by such artists or, my personal recommendation is Sony ACID Xpress (http:// It is completely free, but somewhat feature limited. The professional version is ACID Music Studio ( It is very cheap (about $55) and very powerful. I use it for all my mixing.

I will let everyone know when this starts!

Mad Atlantic